1-1 Performance Nutrition

Individual differences mean that nutrition demands between individual athletes and sportspeople vary significantly. 1-1 performance nutrition accounts for these individual differences, providing you with a personalised nutrition service. The aim of 1-1 performance nutrition is to assess your sporting, exercise or body shape targets and determine how we can adapt your current nutrition to best achieve these goals.

I currently offer the following 1-1 plans (click to expand):

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* Optional add on.


Examples of previous 1-1 performance nutrition services I have helped previous clients achieve:

  • Improved sporting and exercise performance

  • Sustainable body composition manipulation (fat loss or lean muscle gain)

  • Improved recovery (including recovery from injury)

  • Making weight for combat sports​

  • Cooking and recipe support


With each target, I aim to educate and create a sustainable plan so that my clients can make long term informed nutrition choices based on working scientific evidence-based knowledge.

The support provided through 1-1 performance nutrition is personalisable, based on your goals and the amount of support you desire. However, due to the bespoke level of support I provide, I work with a limited number of athletes to ensure this support is of the highest quality.

To book a free initial 20-minute consultation so we can determine the best plan for you, please click the link below or contact me by email: