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Ross Ferrell | MSc, SENr

Ross is a SENr graduate registered practitioner, an ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist and a UK Anti-Doping accredited adviser. Graduating from Oxford Brookes University with an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Ross now works as the lead Performance Nutritionist for the Wasps RFC Junior Academy.

Founding Perform Nutrition, Ross works 1-1 with sports enthusiasts, recreational, competitive and elite athletes to optimise their nutrition and help them achieve their sporting, exercise or body shape goals.

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1-1 Performance Nutrition

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Team Performance Nutrition


"...The real benefit for me has been the difference to my training; it has taken me a while to finally get to grips with eating more of the right things to fuel my training but since I have done so, I have had so much more energy in my sessions and have been able to train harder and for longer..."

Rosie - Half Ironman Athlete


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